Mini & Maximus was born from a love for art, the environment, creativity and the idealism of youth. From the beginning, we have created a platform for artists, both young and old, to contribute their exclusive ideas which we incorporate into our inspirational collections. We want to encourage self-expression, the unexpected, and never growing old.
meow-meow @bohomamasoul  love the baby +  🐱🐱 in our Oh Deer tee!
So happy our Tiger on the moon found his match…. Rad pic @ummeings
The sun is out and so are our sunglasses… Have a great weekend!
It’s Friday, let’s party!!!!
I spy our Sacre Bleu pillow…   Not so many left in stock of this radness. @brittritch your little man looks so cute.  (at somewhere super cosy)
Oui Oui, J’aime le surf!
One of our favorite poster by @evanrossell
Just received a copy of noeuf lookbook with lots of #miniandmaximus love.  Thank you!!!  Check them out at
Love this pic of your little one @brittritch in our hoody by @evanrossell
It’s not too late to enter the mimaXcreativecreature drawing contest to receive this sweet art kit! The contest ends in 2 days. @miniandmaximus #mimaXcreativecreature #artkit #creativecreatures #mima photo cred to the lovely @meganjeanphotography